In the previous blog I wrote about how grateful I am to my art recipient and loved ones for their support. I mentioned the plan to open my first gallery in March 2020 and the studio for work and the opportunity to run art workshops.

I had a calendar scheduled for the end of August - workshops, work in the gallery, local projects and festivals, and art that I planned to send to shows in other galleries around the world, etc.

Today my calendar is empty - the world has stopped !

For everyone it is a difficult time and not because we are afraid of illness - we are afraid of inaction, lack of work and children who cannot function normally and must be isolated from friends and families.

Diseases have always been and will be, but today the world has stopped in a way not expected for anyone. Our economy and the new generation - our children - will suffer the most.

We just have to survive!

Let us remember that proximity to nature and the sun is very important for mental and physical health. I really like the fact that we can take advantage of the gifts of nature .

So I need to take my family closer to nature from time to time with proper instructions.

Little escape and temporary oblivion.

Today is 17 April 2020 - we are isolated from 12 March 2020

I am grateful that I was lucky enough to make my dream come true and, for a moment, enjoy my new place, that is - Studio & Gallery in Castlecomer.

Today I have to make new decisions so that I and my family can continue functioning. Judging by the real state - that is, everything will go to normal in a very slow speed. First of all, opening borders - tourist opportunities and group meetings. Maintain this minimum income level to pay basic life and credit to pay for your home. I have to start over. I don't see any chance today of reopening the place in Castlecomer - before or after 2021 Art workshops also won't start quickly. I have to make decisions for which I was not ready - as probably you too. One thing I promise you that I will continue to create and I will try to make the works that will be available for you, available on my website. If you have been or haven't been my client, do not hesitate to contact me privately to arrange favorable purchase terms, or for any other matter regarding art. So you know me, so that I enjoy being able to make you happy and smile. I love organizing exhibitions and art shows, but I don't know when I'll have the chance for the next event to meet and talk to you.

I want you to know that my life has never been easy and I know that we need to be able to fight for yourself and loved ones, I know how difficult it is to be able to dream and pursue them. But it's always worth it!

Today, I greet you with all my heart from my home studio. I wish you strength and courage and a lot of health!

Believe in yourself !

All the best

Elwira Bernaciak

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