I am Elwira Bernaciak a contemporary

and innovative visual artist.

I was born and raised in Poland, I came to Ireland in 2005. 

In 2018 I received Irish citizenship.

I become Irish Artist living in Carlow town.

In March 2015, I registered my art company BElwiraArtCrafts and became a tutor for relaxing art workshops in Carlow.

Since then, my artistic activity has been developed very intensively and my art presents at various shows, festivals and exhibitions in Ireland (Limerick, Dublin, Wexford, Carlow, etc.) and other countries - Italy, France, England and USA . 

Painting is my passion which turned into work. 

In my original acrylic paintings you will find an interesting texture and a huge palette of colours.

My art is inspired by life and emotions that surround me thanks to this my painting is wide and diverse.

I put my soul into each of the created paintings and that makes them unique and not repetitive piece of art.

You can easily connect with them and go on a journey which stimulates your emotions and imagination.

                                             My philosophy:

"Art comes from the heart, thoughts, eyes and guides the hand of the artist".

        In addition to presenting my painting at solo exhibitions and group shows some of my works are involved in various types of programs, publications and competitions.
In the publication of Issue 1 Vol2from January2019 in the creative people magazine "Jaamizin Creative" Painting - "Sisters"

took first place in this publication in the time of public voting.

Two of my artworks took part and were published in the catalog "Polish Artist in Ireland " during Polska Eire in Gorey. (Gorey.pl)

I took part in the plebiscite of the Polish radio TRD Dublin

"Artist Wanted 2019".

Three of my paintings qualified for this plebiscite.

 This page is created for you, thank you for your visit. 

 BElwira ART.

http://bit.ly/2EK8uXh - upcoming exhibition

JaamZIN Creative Magazine JAN 2019  

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