The past two weeks have been a time of amazing emotions!

The exhibition "Shape and our mind "

I was preparing from the end of 2019 and which took place in the Carlow Library in February 2020, it was an amazing time that I will remember for a long time.

Every time you visit, every sentence exchanged with you was like a honeycomb to my heart. It is thanks to wonderful people - like you, I know that my work makes more sense.

Support for art and the artist - Your presence, sharing info with others and buying art - is invaluable and motivating for further development and even more enjoyable work.

Not only the artist is an artist, but also the people around them who give inspiration and strength -

You are the artist because you are building a new better tomorrow, full of colour and love xxx

The time of the exhibition was Valentine's and this feeling overwhelmed me everywhere, I felt and saw love everywhere and I want it to stay that way r that

I wish you and myself xxx

On Saturday, February 15th, there was a prize draw of my original painting.

The winner is Mr. Martin who bought a happy ticket with the number 112.

Congratulations on winning and I am glad that gave you so much joy. XXX

That's how I finished this amazing time at this exhibition in Carlow Library.

Thank you to the entire library team for help and to provide space for my show.

I have to thank my wonderful husband Marcin who helped me install and uninstall the painting on the walls in the library showroom.

My husband always supported my passion, when I couldn't work and underwent surgery, after which I couldn't moved too quickly, I started to create and so began to feel better. So my husband and I decided that I would not return to work and would open a company that promotes art to others. It was 2015

Unfortunately, in end 2016 year my husband got very seriously ill and I did not know if

I should continue my painting career, but he supported me and did not let me stop my work in art. So, we looked after each other until he began to recover ...

Now we support our activities by loving and caring for our health.

Because you can't do anything without love and health ...

So thank you my husband for being !! Be always such a wonderful man xxx

Today in health and full of joy I can inform you about the upcoming opening !!!

My dream from years ago is coming true !!

I certainly mentioned it when you visited me at the exhibition but today I want to share it with you again.

I am just packing the materials that will be needed to open this place :)

I want you to know that you can dream and that your dreams come true and it depends on you - when :)

Thanks again and welcome to my new Studio & Gallery in Discovery Park, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.

See you soon xx

Elwira Bernaciak

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