Artist's thoughts at the start of 2021

In the beginning, of course, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you on this seventh day of the new year 2021 and wish you all the most beautiful.

Yes, that's the seventh day - a whole week! Although we count from Monday to Monday, but now I have Thursdays.

Who among you has not made a plan for this new year, a new year full of hope and changes ??? Finger up! We hunted for a better and new tomorrow.

After these few new days, I decided to share a few moments with you.

Yes, I had plans and dreams, and so did you and most of us. Of course, the dreams are still there, covered with a warm quilt so that they do not completely blur.

I still don't know how to do all my affairs. Will I be able to maintain my magical Studio & Gallery and what will this year be like? Just because many planned activities, workshops and shows will not be possible to plan at this point, everything is in question.

As people looking for happiness, we like to dream and we want to develop. Unfortunately, another government decision does not allow us to decide on our own actions. The next limitations are not friendly to the development of dreams and work.

However, in every situation, creative beings find light in the tunnel, and as an optimist I always try to find a positive in what does not look too optimistic.

It doesn't matter how much you have lived and what you have learned - It is important here and now this time and this moment. The ability to appreciate the smallest of daily miracles.

Traveling the space between the old and the new year, I once again saw a fight for my husband's health and even life. How easy it is to forget how fragile life is and that each magic moment is worth appreciating.

So in this transition, I painted the WEAVER OF FATE - with gold and bright colors.

As a symbol of hope that will weave the best possible endings. We have no influence on external activities, but we have an influence on our - small and delicate steps - on our life, body and mind.

Pampering and caring for our inner child who likes to play and fancy in order to forget about stress.

I wish you that too - in creative play, there are often solutions.

In slower moments, I started to write a book - a mini diary with tips on how to fight for yourself and stay strong.

This is something new in my creative work and again. I am in the process of publishing a printed version of my book. This is in Polish, but I plan to translate into English into the e-book in the future.

So - I don't have the precision of the plan for the whole year, but I still act with the best intentions and with what I have and can do.

If I manage to organize enough funds (without compromising my home budget) the book should be published by the end of March and the English version by June.

A very ambitious plan for the conditions of today's unknown.

Such Analyzes on my part, I would love to read yours.

Share your plan or dream with me, regardless of whether the implementation will be in this or next year.

Each of our experiences can turn into very creative activities and help us in our development. This I want to hold on to.

I hug hard virtually and thank you for being with me and supporting my work xxxx

Be healthy and safe

Elwira Bernaciak