Artists in a new reality

You are not alone !!

Art has its own power that connects, not only through our imaginations and fantasies, but also through emotions working together.

I know that the artist and the business are in a difficult connection now.

We are losing the opportunity to contact our clients and enthusiasts of our artworks.

This is a really special time and probably there hasn't been such a difficult time all over the world at the same moment.

Because it is not only art that loses its return, but also our everyday needs.

In the past, artists changed places if their creativity was difficult in a given place - today this possibility is very difficult.

The values ​​of our view of the world and of other people are changing.

Remember that you are actually not alone in this strange, incomprehensible time.

We are all here and we can all be connected entirely through our energies and the colors of life sent out into space for others.

I know it is not always consolation, but if we have put so much energy as a society into isolation from ourselves and going against the laws of nature.

It may be time to reverse this energy and join in action to connect, to give each other love and understanding. Each of us Artists is an individual gift to spread the beauty of our work. Musicians, sculptors and painters - we create and share our gift as much as possible.

The world, despite blockades and separations, needs beautiful sounds, wonderful shapes and colors that we draw from nature that inspires us.

Despite the closed museums, theaters and concert halls, we can still share our works. Giving others joy and a sense of security and love, because we will be holding it ourselves.

It is a difficult time for everyone, therefore our role is so important.

Save at least a few souls from depression, breakdown and surrender. It is today that you must remember about accepting and understanding one-another. We will accept each other without judgment, criticism and discrimination. Art is the language of the world - universal and versatile. Let's forget what we were taught and let us show what is the most beautiful in us and let us combine the energy of artistic inspiration. When you give it, and you take it, you can't just take or just give - because the cycle is completely disrupted. We get the balance in the course of action. So if you feel alone - remember, we are all here together alone to finally be reunited.

I want to thank everyone today just for being here!

That you are people full of warmth and the need to share emotions.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who visited my gallery and shared their beautiful emotions with me, thank you for loving my art.

I am convinced that the vibrations of colors and emotions hidden in them will always be magical and hopeful energy for you.

Let's stay amazing and let's not give up, always after a storm comes out the sun. Let's remember about it !!

I give you a big hug

Elwira Bernaciak

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