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1Twisted thoughts 60x60cm acrylic on can

  Creative painting inspired by life.

Hello! I invite you to the world of BElwira Art, an artist who draws inspiration from the surrounding life and turns it into unique paintings. Her work is full of feminine volatility, similar to the cycles of the tides of the ocean.

Portraits are combined here with abstraction, realistic views and fantastic compositions.

Huge, bright colors and a love of abstraction and modernist creativity are characteristic of this artist.

Belwira Art's paintings bring positive energy to the rooms and can establish a strong bond with the viewer. The art of this artist is an explosion of emotions and colors, unstoppable creativity.

Her paintings are a manifestation of feminine strength and sensitivity, creating a unique combination of form and content.

BElwira Art is not only an artist, but also a narrator, telling stories through her canvases.

The works come to life, provoke and stimulate reflection.

She is an artist who shares her inner world with the audience, creating a unique experience for each viewer.

If you are ready for an artistic journey full of emotions, colors and abstractions, join our world of BElwira Art. Here you will discover the work of an extraordinary artist who evokes all shades of life and feelings on canvas.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this unique reality and let Elwira Bernaciak's paintings touch your soul.


March 2020 in Castlecomer ,

 Estate Yard Studio 6 , Co. Kilkenny

BElwira Art Gallery

July 2022 new place
Carlow 1 Kennedy Street

On May 31, 2023, the place was closed!

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