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I am an Visual Artist who works in acrylic paints.

The world that surrounds me and changes occurring in it have an impact on my inspiration, which is shown in my art.

It also means that you, as the recipient of my work, also influence the development of my artistic activity.

I love using many layers of paint in my art to make the final effect of my painting unique.

From time to time, collections of my paintings change their appearance and message, because I'm still in the process of searching for colors and creative techniques.

This is achieved when experimenting with mixed media and applying paint with a painting knife and combining various types of liquids for mixing with acrylic and varnishes.
I am also happy to do work on request from a client. Creating for commission is a very pleasant part of my painting, because I look for the soul and emotion of the client to best convey it in painting.
I am very passionate about creating a piece of art and I devote a lot of time to it to make the end result unique.

I am fascinated with the search and analysis of the human mind, transforming thoughts and emotions into the visual matter of art.

By browsing my artworks you will see my style and creative diversity.
I invite you to spend some time in my online gallery.

All the best 

Elwira Bernaciak

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