The artist way

Hello, today I want to raise the subject of materials, time

 and valuation of created art.

The artist's work is not only the creation of a given work of art spread over time. It is also a guarantee of good quality materials which is also associated with costs. This is the time for which every working person should receive adequate remuneration.

An important thing for a creator is the possibility of presenting his art to the public, which also means promoting it for various shows.

Galleries are a great place for an artist to show his art to a larger group of people. We must remember that shows in galleries also have their price - that is, a commission on the sale of a given work and here the converter starts depending on the prestige of the gallery.

Commissions start at 20% and end at 45% 50% of the value of Art.

This is a commission due to the gallery for storing your art in the best way possible, as well as promotions and contact with a potential buyer.

Large prestigious and popular shows are another cost the artist incurs if they want to show art to a wider audience without a guarantee of sale. At such shows, prices are based on the size of the rented wall, or the number of shows divided and they clarify from € 600 to about € 3000 or more - not including additional costs such as transport, accommodation, insurance, etc.

Each small show is a bit lower prices.

Markets and fair prices range from € 20 to € 50 per day.

I should also mention the cost of maintaining the studio, i.e. the artist's workplace. It doesn't matter if it's a studio in a separate building or home, if you are registered you have to settle the cost of such a place. So typical rental fees for a part or the whole room, electricity, gas etc.

Why am I writing about this?

I realized that this awareness is needed to understand the artists who decided to professionally deal with art.

Artists can also apply for various types of artistic development grants, but they must show determination and the merits they have already achieved in this field.

This is paperwork which also requires a lot of time and is not always considered positively.

One thing that amazes me all the time is that artists are considered to be lazy and that they can give their work free or volunteer. The question is, how many people want to have a permanent occupation for free?

Each of us has a family and living expenses like home, car, loans, we have to eat and have something to wear and buy more work materials.

Being an artist is fluttering in the clouds? Yes ... from these clouds we create the art that you and I decorate our home so gladly (unique lamps, sculptures, stained glass, paintings, hand-painted glass .....), to which we sigh and want to have it for ourselves and friends who visit us.

So every artist who creates full-time wants to be properly rewarded for his work.

To create and live a decent standard of living.

This is not a protest or addiction. I have done many professions in my life and turning my passion into my work is part of my dreams. I just know how hard this work is that not everyone is aware of and how few artists decide to say it out loud. Maybe because I am at the very beginning of this path, it is easier for me to say aloud.

Each of the artists at each show is very excited, in euphoria in anticipation of what's next and that is why push us further and further and our wonderful recipients who support our work give us wings for further activities.


But I feel that I need to describe our path and everyday life.

I have to mention here, artist's work is also connected with physical effort, i.e. unloading, loading, hanging and standing for hours to share the time with clients and visitors during various shows, it is also physical work.

Working in the store, serving customers, we will receive remuneration for work per hour - the artist will not receive such remuneration.

Sewing in a factory you create some part of clothing or window decorations you will receive remuneration for work done - the artist must count the hours spent creating. Is that ok? I think the most because what he creates is not repeatable and have limited prints.

The hairdresser who is great in there in the profession and uses good quality components (greetings to all my known hairdressers here!) Does not do it for free only for the right price. There is a service made for on short period of time, because we like to look good and we are back again to be happy to pay for its services.

We love technologies, new gadgets, telephones, tablets, TV sets ... we pay high prices for that for short time used and buy another more expensive and after a few months or a few years changing for new....

When you buy a painting from an artist, you become a landlord of a unique job, which you will look upon with pleasure for many years to come, can give a family memory to your children and grandsons. You can made order to capture portraits of your favorite pets in painting. The original painting (or sculpture) is permanent, it can last for 50 years and more, if you take good care of it, you can create your own story to each of art. You can divide the money spent on art for the years in which you will enjoy it.

Most artists are happy to renovate their work if it has been damaged.

To put it briefly, I value my work on the basis of my work hours, I use a lot of materials, adding transport costs, frame, advertising and commissions for the galleries with which I cooperated.

These works cost adequately to painting.

Because I paint with acrylic paints it would seem easy and fast painting - yes and no.

At the workshop I showing the simplest methods and ways to use these media.

  My painting is developing and looking for better and better quality materials - good quality paint costs a tube around € 8 for 60ml good quality brushes also cost more than those for amateurs and beginners, and better canvas, etc.

I like many layers in the created image and in most artworks I use Gesso as a primer and for texture creation and modeling paste. I also use liquids so that the image forms slowly and the paint does not dry quickly. I use Regular Gel, Glazing Medium in my paintings .... Of course, ever