Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Elwira Bernaciak Artist

The question is why create?  Because it helped me express myself and my emotions. Because I come from the tag of many different moments of my life, because I started looking for myself.  I do not open like a book. I do not paint the idea of ​​the world, I do not paint beliefs. So my art is an expression, my little world in which there are bigger and smaller wars, in which there are small and big joys in which are everyday medicines and the certainty of decisions that they make.  So much of each of us has our own little world and often these worlds are very similar to each other and for this we can easily join with them.That's why I want to share my art with you.  I do not describe pictures in detail because I think that the viewer should express them own personal feelings and associations. Behind my painting can be a completely different story and you can create yours by looking at my art . I love each of the created paintings because there is part of me and my soul. 

Looking back to 2017, my painting "Obvious choice" or " The enslavement".

These emotions are no longer with me, but it does not mean that my views or thoughts have changed, just time made the selections of my art and emotions. Today maybe is expressing you or someone who you know. For this I love art speaks to those chosen in the space of time.

What inspires me ??  An age-old question. 

Really almost everything, it certainly matters how much it affects me internally.  I can not always put everything on a canvas.  Such simple things as being on the beach, as a walk, conversation, photography or more complicated like disease, argument, bad memories .... It all affects my painting. I enjoy the work of other artists, admiration and new techniques that I can get to know.  This is what creates all my work.  Especially the eternal search, e.g.  happiness and love, because no one will live our lives.

We have to be the driver our life with a smile on our lips and live as best we can.

All the best


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