How did it start? I'm not sure .

I know that there was always something that pushed me to create new visions.

In my case, the connection of passion and the possibility of work arose in the moment when the illness did not allow me to work physically. "I am full of energy ... now I can not move freely" ... .... but I could paint, crush, knit and stitch for my youngest son. After the treatment I had an idea that I do not want to go back to work and I would like to fulfill my childhood dream. I knew that art helped me to go through difficult times of my body and that it might help others. And so I changed my passions in work. I registered the company and started to run workshops for adults in a project called "Relaxing Art for Adults".


Everything started in 2012, I registered my activity in 2015. In the meantime, I supplemented my knowledge, observing the instructions of experienced artists, I signed up for several creative groups and participated in classes from sketch and painting for advanced. I still say that the heart tells the best and I can not focus on one topic for a long time. I decided to continue what I am doing and look for my style and direction.

I am still in search and eternal delight in discovering new techniques and myself. That's what I want to communicate to others with art, it's not the guidelines and rules that give freedom of self-expression and soul healing itself. I will show my painting as much as possible, and I love to talk with recipients who connect with what I create and my art works on them therapeutically. That's what I want to share with others what I can do best.


I love rich painting, a few layers and full textures and colors.

I use acrylic paints, they are a better medium for me to work with, I can dilute them and thicken depending on the painting I create. I love painting on canvas but also on stone and wood. I use Gesso (to create an interesting texture) for painting to have an interesting and pleasing effect.

When I paint a delicate view and I need colors to blend in perfectly, I connect the acrylic paint with water and glazing medium

When I need more time and I work on the details of my painting, I use the slow drying medium.

The rest of the technique is to come and catch moments from the world around us:)

I always enjoy the pleasure of commision from clients, portraits, views, etc. It is always a challenge to capture the emotions and personality of the client.

My soul then slowly opens and creates a unique image.

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