Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Long - short story of my artistic name ... At the beginning when I registered the company in 2015, "BElwiraArtCrafts" 🦋 perfectly suited my life philosophy. My surname is Bernaciak and my name is Elwira so BE ... it suited - to be here and now, to enjoy every beautiful moment - to live with art and create - just for that it returned to me after many years when I was unable to physically work after the small surgery . So I understood that in this world I want to be loved, enjoy moments that I have here and slowly fulfill dreams and passions that I did not pursue before. Over time, I shortened my name to "BElwira Art" it is the name on most of my painting that shows on my business page and on various art shows 🙂 Butterfly I do not use it all the time in my logo but it appears on my site and old business cards. My painting is so colorful, which in itself picks up the fleeting moments of beautiful memories that I stop on the canvas.

So, enjoy it with me, it's like looking at a butterfly that just flies away.

All the best


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