Happy New Year 2020

Today is the first day of the New Year 2020 , this is the perfect time to say Thank You for being with me in 2019 and I wish you health, joy and love throughout this year !!

Thank you for purchasing my art, for following my work, for your support and kind words all year throughout 2019.

It was an amazing, revealing and busy year - exhibitions, events, an amazing time at art workshops, art for commission and lots of other surprises.

Meeting you, talking with you were invaluable events of the past year, thanks to you I have the energy for further development.

I hope we will see you again this year to exchange experiences, ideas and nice words.

My art is still developing and speaks with emotions that surround you and me.

I keep as much positive energy as possible to share my power with you throughout the whole year to create new art.

Already today I invite you to meet me and my art in the Carlow Library from 3rd - 14th February 2020.

Let art speak its own voice in 2020!

So .... !!


Live in health and love my friends!!

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